With an emphasis on Future Focus, Self-Awareness and MentorLife, our peer mentoring programs provide teens with the tools, knowledge and strong role models that enable them to make positive life choices like refraining from high-risk behaviors (such as alcohol, tobacco, and drug use; early sexual activity; and violence) that could impact their potential for future success.


Combined with leadership training, a focus on post-high school education and workforce readiness, and  social and emotional wellness, the teens come away from our programs equipped with a strong sense of character, competence, confidence, community, and compassion in their pursuit of healthy relationships and rewarding futures. Ninety One percent of teens say that completing a FRIENDS FIRST program makes them feel like they can succeed.


In addition, our parent and community programs engage and rally support for the teens.


FRIENDS FIRST programs align with the National and Colorado Academic Standards in all three areas of Health & Wellness: Physical and Personal Wellness, Emotional and Social Wellness, and Prevention and Risk Management.

What We Do