FRIENDS FIRST is starting a new tradition and we want you to be a part of it!

STARS for Students is a fun , easy and inspirational way to support and encourage students within our programming by sending them a star. Each star that is purchased will send a student in our program

a card with an encouraging message to keep them on their mentoring journey and serve as a reminder that they are not alone. This is a great way to support FRIENDS FIRST, our mission

and those whom we serve.


Behind every shining STAR is another shining STAR who has their back.

Each card sent to a student will include either your name, in honor of or in memory of so they

know who is recognizing and supporting them.


This Colorado Gives Day , Tuesday, December 10, we are incorporating STARS for Students into our day of giving campaign. That means with each donation of $5 or more will send a student in our program an encouraging card to keep them on their mentoring journey.