STARS Mentoring Program

STARS is a peer-mentoring program that provides support, character development and healthy relationship education to youth. STARS stands for Students Teaching About Relationships and Success.

STARS is a student-led, peer-mentoring program in which older high school students mentor younger high school and middle school students. The high school mentors are equipped with leadership skills through weekly meetings with their program coordinators, who serve as adult mentors. The program coordinator and mentors meet weekly with mentees, grouped in a 1:4 ratio, and through intentional activities, build supportive relationships, do community service projects, create public service announcements to educate about and advocate for critical issues facing teens today, and focus on skills necessary for setting positive futures in motion.


Our hope is that students learn to recognize their strengths, struggles and influences and that they become able to manage them in positive ways.



Teens are pulled in many directions. The goal is for students to consider their next steps when they make decisions so they understand how the choices they make now will impact their lives tomorrow (future). 



It’s been proven that having a mentor has a positive and powerful impact on a teen’s life. MENTORLIFE means students always have someone investing in them and in turn they invest in others.

To find out more about the STARS Mentoring Program, or to facilitate the STARS Mentoring Program in your school or community, please contact Elycia Cook at 720.981.9193 or email her.

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