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Project A.I.M.

Project A.I.M. (Adult Identity Mentoring) is a positive youth development program that encourages youth to articulate their personal goals by using exercises that teach students the skills required to achieve these goals. 

Project AIM meets for 12 sessions with two trained FRIENDS FIRST facilitators.  Students learn how to plan and safeguard their futures through the curriculum which includes future orientation, positive and negative influence identification, career exploration, and communication skill building.  Activities include taking a career interest inventory, developing business cards and resumes, and participating in interviews and role plays.  Students graduate the program with a professional portfolio, business cards, a letter of recommendation, and a certificate of completion.


Core Elements of Project AIM:

  • Engage youth in thinking about a positive possible future self 

  • Engage youth in present actions to achieve future success

  • Encourage youth to safeguard their future through risk reduction 

To find out more about Project AIM, or to start Project AIM in your school or community, please call 720.981.9193 or email Program Lead Mary Edet,