Meet Jessikah Campbell

Hello, my name is Jessikah Campbell and I was a part of the STARS Mentoring Program from 2008-2012 while I attended Westminster High School. The STARS Program was one of the highlights of my high school experience. It not only offered amazing conferences each summer and great lessons at our monthly meetings but it ignited a passion in me to serve youth and to become a mentor. The biggest lesson I learned in STARS was to focus on my legacy and my reputation. To me that always meant to keep my eyes fixed on the life I wanted to lead and not on what people thought of me in the moment when I chose to avoid risky behaviors. I also through the program was able to connect with mentors and people across the state and country who would support me in pursuing my goals and help me overcome obstacles.

In 2017, I graduated from Colorado State University-Pueblo with my Bachelors of Science in History as a first generation student. Today I work as the Director of the Workforce Development Initiative at The Boys & Girls Clubs of Pueblo County. Through my position I am able to support and encourage young people as they pursue their career, education and personal goals. I am still pursuing a lifestyle as a mentor as I not only mentor in my work setting but also mentor high school girls at my church.

I think mentorship and programs like STARS are valuable because they allow youth access to healthy adult and peer relationships. Youth are able to feel connected and through those opportunities grow and thrive.

My favorite quote about mentoring:

Be the person you needed at the age. -BC Serna

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