We have a new look!

Revitalized brand supports organization growth, launch of STARS licensing

We have big news! This month, we unveiled a new brand, illustrated by a new logo and website that celebrates the success of FRIENDS FIRST over the past 24 years educating and mentoring teens to make positive life choices and develop healthy relationships.

Part of the reason for this is the recent licensing of our flagship STARS (Students Teaching About Relationships and Success), which will help us share our program further across Colorado and the U.S.

"The launch of our new brand is just the beginning of what will be an exciting year for our organization," said Elycia Cook, FRIENDS FIRST executive director. "While our mission has been consistent for more than two decades, it's important that our visual identity keep up with the evolution of our programming and reach the communities we serve with a clear and consistent message. This new brand identity will serve us well as we work with more communities around the country." In the past, a single heart paired with shades of blue signified the FRIENDS FIRST brand. The new logo incorporates a multicolored graphic to demonstrate the wide-ranging group of people and communities served by FRIENDS FIRST programs. Colors revolve and connect in the triangular image, conveying the strength and support that the organization passes on to teens through its peer-to-peer mentoring programs.

FRIENDS FIRST adult staff mentor high school students and those students in turn, mentor middle school students. The triangle represents that relationship. The MentorLife text represents the mantra the organization embodies, where mentors carry what they learn during their time with FRIENDS FIRST throughout their lives.

The brand re-launch also includes a new website that aligns with the new brand, presenting a clean look, easy to navigate layout and enhanced features in an effort to ensure partners can access all the resources provided by FRIENDS FIRST including its staff and mentors and mentees.

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