New Program Coordinator joins FRIENDS FIRST family

FRIENDS FIRST would like to welcome new Program Director Jon Rylander to the staff!

During his freshman year of college at the University of North Dakota, Jon found his passion working with middle and high school students. He has worked and volunteered with youth leadership and empowerment organizations all over the world, and moved to Denver in August of 2015 to be a middle school science teacher in a Denver public school. Jon realized that his passions were more aligned to building relationships with students than teaching content, and he decided that a change in careers was in order.

Jon chose to work for FRIENDS FIRST in order to continue making a difference in teens’ lives. He is passionate about youth leadership and empowerment, and FRIENDS FIRST allows him to continue changing lives. Jon plans to use his skills in relationship building and program development/facilitation to continue to provide exceptional programs and best services to teens in our community.

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