If you’re looking to implement a peer mentoring program, STARS could be a great fit for you! Perhaps you want the STARS peer mentoring program in future grant applications?  Or, maybe you want to bring students to our annual STARS National Conference for additional leadership and mentor training? 


  • Has been implemented in over 150 schools and community and faith-based organizations nationwide.

  • Is based on current best practices in the field of mentoring.

  • Is replicable and scalable to adapt to a variety of cultures, environments and locations.


According to National Mentor www.mentor.org one in three teens who want a mentor are currently waiting to be matched with a caring trusting adult under the most common idea of mentoring 1-1 adult to child. In order to fill that gap, peer-to-peer and/or group mentoring has become a promising and sought-after approach.   


There are many reasons why this is an effective model.

  • There is dual impact on the teen mentor and younger mentee.

  • Usually the mentor and mentee are closer in age (best practices says minimally 2 years a part). Peer mentors and mentees often have more things in common and  the slightly older youth are more relatable than many adults and can better empathize with the challenges younger teens face as they may have faced similar challenges not so long ago. 

  • Peer mentors are more readily available and often need community service hours for college applications.

  • Youth learn from an early age the concept of MentorLife: to always have someone investing in you and in turn you always invest in others (60% of FF current mentors were once mentees.)

As a licensed STARS partner, you receive

  • Right to use the FRIENDS FIRST STARS Mentoring Program for 60-120 students.

  • Program Coordinators training and certification and one curriculum set.

  • One-Day Youth Mentor Training by FF Certified Trainer up to 30 participants.

  • Two, 2-day onsite visits for programmatic and evaluation observation and support.

  • Four hours of monthly technical support

  • Full participation in FF evaluation services

  • Up to 120 student handbooks

  • Access to all FF STARS materials, school MOU’s and contracts and STARS coordinator and administrative STARS job descriptions.


For more information, contact Andy Matott at 720.981.9193 or email her.