Molly Gonzales.jpg
Molly Gonzales
Program Coordinator

Year started at FRIENDS FIRST: 2019

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Hobbies/Pastimes: Cooking, Soccer, Reading, Laughing                                   

Favorite Quote: “I am who I am because somebody loved me.” –Dr. Cornel West

What brought you to FRIENDS FIRST? I first learned about Friends First when I saw the dedication of a STARS program coordinator in action at a middle school in my hometown.  Soon after, I overheard and had direct conversations with students about how the program impacted their lives and relationships.  Those conversations catalyzed an interest in how the program inspired those students.


How has a mentor impacted your life? Mentors have consistently challenged my ideas of what is possible for myself and my community leaving me with an undying desire to empower others through connection with each other.