Board of Directors

Matt Kirkland
Member at Large

Jimmy Chism is the assistant principal at Westminster High School in Denver. He earned his BS in Social Science Education from Illinois State University and his Masters of Education from Arizona State University.


He began his education career in Arizona on the Tohono O’odham reservation. This time gave him the opportunity to both teach and eventually lead within a high school setting. This experience led him to directly interact with various teen out-reach initiatives and programs, some of which were effective and others not.


He learned how various outreach efforts can be utilized to serve at-risk populations, but, at times, fail to meet the needs of our youth. Although these programs may have the best interests of students in mind, it is how they are implemented from a logistical and school buy-in stand point that will typically cause them to either succeed or fail. He hopes to bring this experience and understanding to FRIENDS FIRST.

Board member since Feb. 2017