Community Service

In addition to the STARS curriculum-required community service projects, which include things like serving school staff breakfast and with letters of encouragement and thanks, writing letters to military personnel, and helping with cleanup after flooding in a local community, FRIENDS FIRST participated in the National Make A Difference Day in 2014 and 2015 by collecting blankets and assembling hygiene kits for people experiencing homelessness and then distributing them in downtown Denver.


The entire FRIENDS FIRST community was invited, and the experience was especially impactful for the youth. They were encouraged to engage the people they gave the kits and blankets to in conversations. FRIENDS FIRST values community engagement on all levels and believes it is of high value not just to prescribe serving others to the youth involved in its programs, but also to set an example. 


If you know of a project or would like to partner with FRIENDS FIRST, please contact Mary Edet at 720.981.9193 or email her.